Tips on how to navigate NY

1. Make the subway map your best friend.



2. Don’t throw away old MetroCards
If you have a few old subway passes that don’t have enough money to pay for one ride, the MTA employee at the token booth can consolidate the funds onto one card.

3. Know odd and even
If you’re driving or need to give a taxi driver directions, remember that many streets are one-way only.  Odd-numbered streets head west (towards New Jersey), while traffic on even-numbered streets goes east.

4. Use letters and numbers, not colors!


5. Pay attention in Central Park

Central Park has its own numbered system to keep you from getting lost.

6. Transfer

You can use both the subway and the bus system with a MetroCard.

7. Use Select Bus Service
Certain bus lines like the M86 and the M15 offer Select Bus Service to expedite the ride. You must purchase your bus ticket before boarding. At the bus stop, insert your MetroCard into one of the electronic kiosks to print out a ticket. Be sure to save the ticket until you complete your ride in case the transit police asks for proof that you paid.




8. Don’t get dumped by your cabbie
Once you’re in a taxi, the driver cannot turn down a fare.

9.  Pay ahead

10. Don’t be afraid to rideshare


11. Utilize Pedestrian Tunnels to Transfer from one train line to another

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