Matters of the Heart


“Matters of the heart” is a love story that captures your heart but in different ways than you would think.

It is all about a women Hope Dunn, she has been a wife, mother, who has loved and lost. She went through so much sadness and heartbreak.

Finally she turned her life around and became a women, who has it all, and becomes a top photographer, who has become a big name.

Life is now settled and has found peace in herself.

Suddenly her life is turned upside down, by a charming man Finn Oneill, an Irish-American author.

Hope falls in love, and starts living the life, she thought she will never have again, and is happier than life itself.

Suddenly she is living the perfect love story, but isn’t perfect than what she thought.

The story sums up a story about love and trust and how we can be blinded by emotion, and how is presents a struggle in our lives.



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